Rest in sepulchral darkness

by Sepulchral

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released July 17, 2016

Recorded by Sepulchral in Venice studios Between February and March of 2016
Songwriting by Dusk, mixing and mastering by Wolf at Venice studios
Sepulchral is:
Dusk - Bass/Vocals
Wolf - Guitars/Vocals



all rights reserved


Sepulchral Bilbao, Spain

Old skull foggy, rotten, maggot infested death metal from the graveyard

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Track Name: Desecrated mausoleum
Into the night, I search for the torn grave,
of the terrible fear, that once all desolate

I take the shovel, and start to dig forth
I will take my revenge, on this fearcefull foe

I can see shadows, flowing from this hellhole
there is no corpse in sight, something comes from above

A blackened Knight, in a pale white horse
with a pestilent force and a funebre voice

He is in search of my soul and I ran from the hole
to an ominous place, which seems not very safe

This is like a place, where they bury the dead
that once in a battle, they where glorious and sacred

The knight keeps my trail, and screams with his guts
he strikes the front door, and the stone he cuts

I open the coffin, of the dead that here lives
and I go in myself, in the need to be safe

I desecrated all this place, this is a voracious nightmare
All this night I was in search, of something that was in darkness

The flesh of the corpse that lie here, is what covers me in madness
the knight keeps in search of me, he is going to feel the sadness

For I choose this body for a crazy feast
I profaned the body of his deceased wife

I keep revolting and carving and screaming
as the knight rises his sword in front of me

With force and fury the weapon that cuts me
leaves my whole body resting in this coffin

My death was worth I now can guarantee
For I raped the body of the wife of this sir
Track Name: Graveyard of torments
I survived the piercing shadows
countless horrors haunts from darkness
evil lurks in every corner
there's no scape from all this torment

In the graveyard, the cult gathers
sacrifices in blood waters
my head shatters and scatters
all the pieces of gray matter

My flesh decays, my body is rotten
the cult raises a rusty knife

they chant the passages, sing the words
as I took an animal form

Now I'm eternal, nocturnal, and a wild life
I gather the flesh of the humans that slowly die

Into the darkness, I lurk for the ones that pass
As the cult raises the hordes of the dark night