Dust of the rotting dead

by Sepulchral

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Recorded by Sepulchral Between February and May of 2017
Songwriting and Lyrics by Dusk, mixing and mastering by Wolf
Sepulchral is:
Dusk - Bass/Vocals
Gaueko - Guitars/Vocals


released July 11, 2017



all rights reserved


Sepulchral Bilbao, Spain

Old skull foggy, rotten, maggot infested death metal from the graveyard

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Track Name: Funeral of the hollow coffins
Unholy funeral
burning of the flesh
suffering in torment
rising of the dead
mist over the casket
crawling from the mud
putrefacted aura
tasting all the scum

congregating shadows
from the distant moor
sacrilegious order
now the fluids pour
empty burned caskets
in this somber night
moaning of the oak trees
chilling haunting breeze

interment of vacuous caskets pointing at the moon
menacing angry figures chanting to the runes
piercing longing shadows coming from the burning mines
rituals of evil covering the howling nights
Track Name: Spirits of the living dead
Rotten corpses lying in the
foreground of a putrid graveyard
somber fog spreads across the
tombs of this cemetery
dark spirits rises from the remains
of a wasted carcass
haunting darkness covers the figure
of the crescent moon

In the burned soil I bury myself, letting
the spirits possess my crumbling body
pierce my grievous soul, with the
knife, of the eternal cerulean fire
merge from the casket and spread the disease,
melt the lifes of the mournful bastards
starving spirits, of the no more living ones
chase the nocturnal visitors of the cold gravesite

revel in decay and suffer in torment
spirits of the living dead

rotting, revolting, screaming, repulsive
spirits of the living dead

ghostly apparitions and funeral pyres
shouting and yelling from above the fires